Formula One: Kimi Raikkonen’s work extension with Ferrari soars expectations of brilliant 2018 performance

Ferrari announced an extension of their ‘technological and auto racing’ arrangement with previous world champion Kimi Raikkonen. Frankly, the only thing technological about Raikkonen is his overuse of words ‘bwoah’!

Humour apart, Raikkonen, who is likewise Ferrari’s last motorist to have won a Vehicle drivers’ Championship (back in 2007, Raikkonen won in his launching season with Ferrari), appeared on a sticky arch when it concerned his contract revival.

It was just in July at the Austrian Grand Prix where Ferrari’s chairman and also Chief Executive Officer, Sergio Marchionne, called him a ‘laggard’ and also prompted him to “take part more while doing so”. It is inquired, did compromising individual success in Monaco as well as in Hungary swing points Raikkonen’s method?

An announcement in August seems both unusual and also ahead of time. Ferrari has generally reserved the driver news for their residence race in Monza (Italian Grand Prix, to be held from 1-3 September this year). However early news suggests two Things:

First, Ferrari intends to focus on the fight at their hands, a Vehicle drivers’ Championship with Sebastian Vettel. It only makes a good sense to get the ‘foolish season’ (the term used for the chauffeurs’ market) interruptions as well as suppositions out of the way.

Second, a tip that Vettel may prolong his keep as well. There have been rumors that Vettel’s urges to Ferrari for his expansion was to keep Raikkonen as his team-mate and wingman.


Raikkonen’s expansion of what could be his last and last period in top-flight of Motorsport does come at a time when most experts and potentially, a big faction of his fans prefer to see him retire compared to playing a second fiddle with Vettel. Is Raikkonen blocking a top seat that an arising ability could do much better in? In his second Formula 1 job, Raikkonen has actually hardly ever managed to show shades of his previous speedier self. Maybe disputed that the ‘formula’ of the Formula 1 automobiles didn’t suit Raikkonen’s own style and when it did (like the existing 2017-spec autos do), he did manage something much better. Like his sole pole position of the season in Monaco.

Is Raikkonen’s efficiency worthwhile in himself for an extension with a World Championship-chasing group such as Ferrari? This is where the response is as facility as the existing hybrid power trains being used. This is also where Ferrari’s conventional strategy and the ideology in the direction of the motorist market, is apparent. The Italian group is recognized to preserve their drivers way past their best-before date, case in point, Kimi Raikkonen.

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