Qualities to Develop in Kid

Being a parent is a blessing from God. It gives an immense pleasure to a parent seeing their kid happy around. Parenting is joyful but at the same time it can be exhausting as it requires a lot of patience. And to deal with today’s generation is kind of challenge for the parents. Parents are the first teacher of the kids.

But now here question arises what kind of development they should focus on their kids. Every parent want their kids to be super intelligent and always to be on the top charts whether academically or in sports. So, in a way they become a “Pushy Parent” and start doing Helicopter Parenting. A parent should avoid doing this.

Here are some qualities that a parent should develop in their kids:

  1. Self-independent:

A parent should make their kids independent. Immediately start doing this training when your little bundle of joy turns three. Start assigning him little tasks and don’t watch their back for everything. This will make him stronger in making his own opinions which in a way will help in a long run and can also boost his self-esteem. As the child grow up, if you will do so, the child will help you in your other daily chores. And of course, if some mistake he do you are there to hold him back.

  1. Learner:

Learning never ceases. Make your kid an avid learner who is always ready to take up new challenges in his life. Here, learning doesn’t mean that making your kid going through his text books. Focus on child’s holistic development which is very necessary to survive in this High-Tech world where everything is being driven by Artificial Intelligence. From the very beginning, create habit of reading books in your child. As he grows up, make him read newspapers. Slowly and slowly he will inhabit this.

  1. Emotional Quotient:

All the parents focus on Intelligent Quotient. But this generation is in a great need of controlling their emotions and feelings in correct manner. You can find many situations where a child is acting out in public and thus embarrassing their parents. Sometimes the anger is too much, that the kids take an extreme step as well. So, Parents should build their kids Emotional Quotient which can help them to be a rational person in future who would know how to deal any kind of adversaries.

  1. Values of Honesty, caring, and love:

This is most important quality a parent should nurture in their kids in today’s time. Just don’t make them money procuring machines. Always teach them short cuts can’t lead them to success. Make them learn that doing your work with honesty and integrity can do wonders in their life. And teach them to always love and respect their elders.

These are the qualities that a parent should nurture in their child.

Always remember Parents, world needs good humans, not the racing robots…!!


Happy Parenting!

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